Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Remember

Tuesday 7 of Feb.                                  Image result for nitro circus
I Remember ...                                      Image result for nitro circus
Sitting on some seats on the grass at Nitro Circus?Image result for nitro circus
People were back flipping on dirt bikes.  
Cheering them on.
they were doing tricks it was really awesome and cool.
Standing up, jumping and shouting.
I sat back down on my chair waiting for more tricks.
That was summer  

I was learning to notice the structure in an piece of writing


  1. Kia Ora Major. I'm Alex from Totara 2 in Greymouth. I like your remember post on nitro circus. I really like Nitro Circus and I have been to a show in Christchurch.From Alex.

  2. Hi Major, My name is Mathias from Panmure Bridge. I think that what you have done at summer was VERY entertaining for you and I would Beg for a chance to see the Nitro Circus also great job on your piece of writing :)